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About Us


The Burrum Heads Amateur Fishing Club Incorporated welcomes members and visitors to our idyllic lifestyle situated on the beautiful Burrum River, located approximately 30 km north of Hervey Bay. The club developed as part of the local sporting grounds adjacent to the Bowls Club on Burrum Heads Road and a wonderful clubhouse was erected in 2016.  This is also the home of the Burrum Heads Easter Fishing Classic which has earned its reputation as a top event on the Fraser Coast. The Classic is proudly hosted by our club members and 2018 will be its 27th year.

Fishing opportunities at Burrum Heads are only limited by the desires of the angler. You can fish from the beach or rock walls, off-shore or explore the river systems. The Gregory, Isis, and Cherwell Rivers, all feed into the Burrum River catchment and each offers a varied bounty of fishing experiences.  The Burrum River is famous for the diversity of both pelagic and bottom feeding fish which inhabit the river system. Bream and huge whiting are in the river all year round. Flathead are regularly taken from the beach right in front of the town.  There are also regular sightings of turtles and dugong along with seasonal catches of crabs and prawns.

Upstream from Burrum Heads, is a system of mangrove islands each surrounded by immense sand and mud flats, with an extensive system of gutters running through them. Yabbie banks are also prolific here and along with herring and mullet are the preferred bait of the locals when targeting grunter, mangrove jack, and cod. Fishing off-shore gives the opportunity to target a wider number of species.


Off Burrum Heads there are bomboras, holes, reefs, gutters and a drop-off to deeper water at the eight mile. Fishing off-shore requires both more preparation, and greater patience. Knowing the weather and all the requirements of Maritime Safety is vital, safety being the number one consideration. Members are always willing to share information on where they are biting. Whether bottom bashing, drifting, spinning or trolling, each has its own reward. Members also tell us there is a lot of lead, and the odd bit of equipment, out there somewhere.

In 2017, the new boat ramp was developed and opened. the ramp created a fantastic redevelopment of the carpark and areas adjacent to the Lions Park on Burrum Street.  as a result the size and number of boats launched at Burrum Heads has increased and the community is able to enjoy better access to the river for boats and a large carpark that has subsequently decreased the number of cars and trailers parked on Ross Street.

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